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Who Is Veganzinga?

So what’s a Veganzinga anyway?  Here’s a bare-bones rundown of the human behind this blog.

My name is Nzinga.  It’s pronounced in-ZIN-gah.  My dad calls me ‘zinga, hence the title Veganzinga.

I was born in NYC.  But I love when people assume I’m fresh off the boat.  Sadly, I don’t know where my ancestors are from.

I try to think for myself.  Thinking critically about veganism is important to me.  I want to help vegans develop the most effective strategies for spreading the message and saving lives.

I love black people.  Like, love them.  Part of my quest is to help make veganism more appealing to the black community.

And vegan people.  I’ve learned so much from being in this community.  Many thanks to all of you for your insight.

I’m a writer.  I started blogging for Huffington Post a few years ago and switched my writing to focus on veganism.

And a model.  It’s more of something I do rather than something I am, but you’ll see lots of my photos on this site.

I travel a lot.  This isn’t a vegan travel blog (not yet at least) but travel is a big part of my life and something I like to share.

I was raised vegetarian.  When I say I’ve been plant-based for 25 years, the majority of those years were vegetarian.

I’m predominantly raw.  Maybe 65%?  Trying to get to 80% in the coming months.

I meditate.  Vipassana is a big part of my life.  You’ll hear about it a fair amount within my posts.

I don’t have pets.  I feel like it’s very vegan to rescue an animal but I haven’t gotten there yet.

You may not agree with me.  And that’s fine.  I encourage respectful, intelligent criticism.

But hopefully you’ll learn something new.  Just remain receptive and open minded to a new perspective.

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