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Restaurant Marktküche in Zurich

I was glad there weren’t a lot of strictly vegan restaurants in Zurich.  I was only in town for a few hours and lots of choices overwhelm me on very short trips.  For Zurich, there was only one option.

Marktküche is a new, upscale vegan restaurant in the heart of Zurich.  The 26-year-old owner wanted to create a space for both vegans and non-vegans to enjoy great food.  The place isn’t about creating meatless meats and nut cheeses; it’s about using plants alone to develop an incredible menu for anyone to enjoy.

The ambiance is beautiful and the service was excellent.  My palate was only sophisticated enough to enjoy two of my five courses, but my friends ordered the best vegan pizza I’ve ever had.  The sun dried tomatoes and fermented garlic were the highlight of the pie.  I don’t remember what they used as cheese but it definitely wasn’t Daiya

I wish they had more places like this in New York.  It’s not a place I’d visit every day, but it’s the the ultimate special occasion vegan restaurant.


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