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Rest in Peace

I visited Romania this past July and stayed on a small farm in a remote town.  There were pigeons and kittens and a few dozen pigbaby chicks that had free range of the land, and way in the back was a caged pig.  The pig was the size of a twin mattress and his nose was pierced with some sort of wire to keep him from freeing himself.

It was the first (living) pig I’d ever seen.  My veganism comes from an understanding that animals shouldn’t be tortured and killed, but I don’t have pets, I’ve never been to a sanctuary, and it’s rare that I’m able to interact with animals.

I’d go to the back of the farm to visit when I could and fed the pig scraps from my dinner. He was so gentle and curious.  I constantly read about how intelligent these animals are and this visit let me see that for myself.

Today, I realized this pig was probably killed for Christmas dinner.  I wanted to share this photo in his honor.  The brief moments I was able to spend with this incredibly beautiful being helped reignite my commitment to animal liberation.

I’m going to visit my first animal sanctuary in the next couple months.  My interaction with this pig makes me want to connect with more animals in 2016.

Have a favorite sanctuary?  Definitely let me know!  I’m sure they’re all amazing but I’d appreciate your suggestions.

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