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Plant Pure Communities

Being raised vegetarian was strictly about health. My mom knew human bodies weren’t meant to process large amounts of animal protein, so she took what she learned and applied it to me. It wasn’t until adulthood that I understood the ethics behind avoiding animal products, and while advocacy is more of my focus, I work hard to stay healthy.

That’s why I’m so excited about the launch of Plant Pure Communities! Dr. Colin T. Campbell–author of The China Study–will be there giving a special educational presentation.

The organization is about the importance of plant-based eating for our health and bringing that into the community. They work to increase the access to affordable plant-based options, so a portion of the proceeds go towards bringing vegan food and education to food deserts across the country.

Here are the details:

A special event will take place in NYC on November 16th to officially launch the nonprofit, PlantPure Communities (PPC). Nelson Campbell, director of PlantPure Nation and founder of the PlantPure movement, will formally introduce PPC. Nutrition Researcher Dr. T. Colin, author of The China Study and PPC Advisor, will give an educational presentation. Attendees will also get to hear from Kim Campbell, Jenny Miller, Dr. Terry Mason, and Dr. Michael C. Hollie, and the four founding board members of PPC will be honored. The agenda and list of speakers is available on the PPC website.
This launch event is a fundraiser to support the PPC Oasis Jumpstart Program, through which PPC is bringing healthy food and nutrition education to low-income and food-desert communities. The Oasis Program Pilot communities will be formally announced during this event! Your support will help share the message of health and grow PPC’s efforts to inspire a grassroots movement. For more information and for registration, please visit

Definitely check it out. I hope to see you there!

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