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My Girls Gone Mild Pin: Chipper Things

So I’m a bit late on the whole pin trend but I found a few that I loved. Are you familiar with Chipper Things? They were awesome enough to send me a Girls Gone Mild pin.

It spoke to me because I’m actually one of the most boring people I know. I look at “girls gone mild” as the near opposite of the phrase it was derived from. I don’t eat animal products. I don’t drink alcohol. I’ve only been to about two parties in the past 10 months and I’m perfectly fine curling up at my computer all weekend.

I’m not this crazy exciting girl. I do a good job of making myself seem interesting, but 85% of my life is painfully dull. So yea, this pin speaks to me.

Check out their site for more cool pins. Oh, and notebooks. Basically everything.

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