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Life Recap: Natural Products Expo West

I had every intention of leaving this blog for dead.

After some bizarre feedback about the divisiveness of my content and the realization that writing for my blog was taking away from clients, I kind of walked away from Veganzinga.  But I got approached by people at events who were familiar with my writing.  I took it as a sign to get back to work.

The next series of posts will be brief updates on what’s been going on for the past couple months.

Expo West
The Natural Products Expo West was held in Anaheim this past March.  I flew out with a friend Gemma a week early to explore LA (one of my favorite places in the US) and binge on vegan food.



The vegan meetup!

The party ended after a few days, and I headed south.

“Intense” is the first word that comes to mind when I think of Expo West.  Tens of thousands of people were there to see what all your favorite brands were cooking up.  I got to visit the people behind companies like Follow Your Heart, Navitas Naturals, Daiya Cheese, and much more.

I also got to connect with the California vegan community.  Many other vegan bloggers and business owners were there, and someone was nice enough to organize a little meet-up.  So much of my vegan identity exists online, so it was nice to say “vegan” with my mouth, instead of my fingers.

Definitely looking forward to Expo East in Baltimore.  I’ll be a lot better prepared and will get to see a more local vegan brands.

Stay tuned for more updates!







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