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If Nzinga Had Hair..

I met the incredible celebrity makeup artist Nick Posley two years ago (before I went vegan) and we’ve been working together ever since. He has such an amazing spirit and his work speaks for itself.

He’s not a vegan makeup artist but I was surprised by how many vegan products he uses. Anyway, a shot from our play date a few weeks ago.

img_2026-2 img_2029-2

This type of modeling is okay by me because I’m not promoting the non-vegan makeup–I’m promoting the artist. Not all vegans have completely vegan careers, and while that’s definitely something I’m working toward, I’m doing this in the mean time.

I was all about promoting images of black beauty before I went vegan and I don’t want to stop. Young girls need to see themselves reflected in positive lights. If I have the opportunity to work with incredible artists like Nicky in a way that doesn’t directly promote animal abuse, I’m in.

Think my work is unethical? Leave a comment below and tell me about it.




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