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Natural Products Expo East

I headed down to Baltimore this weekend for Natural Products Expo East. I was surprised (and relieved) by how much smaller it was than its West Coast counterpart, and the leisurely pace made it a lot less stressful.

It’s my 4th large-scale food expo this year so it’s great to check in with some of my favorite brands. Here are my top picks from Expo East.

Schmidts Deodorant in Rose + Vanilla

I can’t begin to explain how heavenly this smells. The entire Schmidt’s line sells the best smelling vegan deodorant ever, but this one takes the cake. Rose is my favorite scent so I’m a bit partial, but I’m sure anyone would love the aroma.

Cave Shake

It was made for the paleo crowd but it’s vegan and delicious. It’s basically coconut cream and stevia, but considering I used to add a few drops of stevia to a can of coconut cream, this thing was right up my alley. The stevia is a little too strong and gives it a mildly chemical aftertaste. This got rave or horrible reviews from other vegans, but way more people loved it than hated it.

Banana Wave Bananamilk

I’ve only ever had it at expos, but Banana Wave is delicious. It’s also owned by a black woman and y’all already know that warms my heart.

I brought lots of other goodies back for my omni friends to try. Always looking for the best examples of vegan food to put in Wanyama Boxes and I think I’ll have some great new additions.

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