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    Our Hen House Interview

    So the coolest thing happened! The ladies from Our Hen House reached out to me a few weeks ago to do an interview. So much fun. I thought I’d be incredibly nervous but really…

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    My New Vegan Initiative

    I’ve been super quiet these past few months. The only think I’m consistent about is my Instagram presence, but I’ve taken a break from writing. Lots of travel and reflection and figuring out how…

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    Life Recap: Natural Products Expo West

    I had every intention of leaving this blog for dead. After some bizarre feedback about the divisiveness of my content and the realization that writing for my blog was taking away from clients, I…

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    10 Ways to Meet Other Vegans

    Veganism can get lonely.  I’m in New York City and I still have trouble connecting with vegans offline.  Here are a few ways I’ve been able to meet other vegans and make vegan friends. …

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    Restaurant Marktküche in Zurich

    I was glad there weren’t a lot of strictly vegan restaurants in Zurich.  I was only in town for a few hours and lots of choices overwhelm me on very short trips.  For Zurich,…

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    Visit to the Swiss Alps

    Greetings from Switzerland!  My great friend moved to Germany with her boyfriend a few months ago so I flew out to visit them in Zurich.  They picked me up from the airport and whisked…

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    Who Is Veganzinga?

    So what’s a Veganzinga anyway?  Here’s a bare-bones rundown of the human behind this blog. My name is Nzinga.  It’s pronounced in-ZIN-gah.  My dad calls me ‘zinga, hence the title Veganzinga. I was born…