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DC VegFest

DC VegFest

I love a good VegFest and DC did not disappoint.

I skipped out on the last day of Expo East to meet my favorite DMVegans. Their VegFest was huge! I can’t tell if it was bigger than LA’s but it was pretty close. I got to meet people I didn’t get to connect with during the Animal Rights National Conference and met a few new faces along the way.

Trayce McQuirter announced her awesome partnership with Farm Sanctuary. They made an information booklet on vegan eating that’s for black vegans, by black vegans. I’m having trouble finding the website but I’ll link it here as soon as I can.

Spent most of the day with friends from Vegan Outreach and PETA, then hung out with my travel buddy Maureen and her two rescue kittens. DC was great! I’ll be back in two weeks for The Future of Food.

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