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    Vegas VegFest

    I’d never been to Vegas before.  I don’t drink, I don’t gamble, and most of my trips are solo.  As much as I’ve wanted to visit the city, I didn’t know what I’d do…

  • Natural-Products-Expo-West

    Life Recap: Natural Products Expo West

    I had every intention of leaving this blog for dead. After some bizarre feedback about the divisiveness of my content and the realization that writing for my blog was taking away from clients, I…

  • veganburg

    Veganburg in San Francisco

    I had the pleasure of visiting Veganburg during my last trip to San Francisco.  The Singpore-based fast food company started the vegan burger movement in 2010 and graced the States with it’s presence in…

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    Not Everyone Can Afford to Go Vegan

    One of the more frustrating vegan opinions is that everyone can afford to go vegan.  Here’s why this insensitivity to worldwide poverty is perpetuating the belief that veganism is only for privileged people. Food…

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    10 Ways to Meet Other Vegans

    Veganism can get lonely.  I’m in New York City and I still have trouble connecting with vegans offline.  Here are a few ways I’ve been able to meet other vegans and make vegan friends. …

  • veganzinga cinnamon snail

    The Cinnamon Snail in NYC

    The Cinnamon Snail earned a spot at the new Pennsy food court! This was my first Cinnamon Snail experience.  I’ve passed by their food truck a few times but the long line was always…

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    Food Lifestyle

    Restaurant Marktküche in Zurich

    I was glad there weren’t a lot of strictly vegan restaurants in Zurich.  I was only in town for a few hours and lots of choices overwhelm me on very short trips.  For Zurich,…